environmental stewardship

Cosentino Group has extensive experience in all aspects of consulting engineering and has developed a reputation for designing and delivering cost effective structures with a focus on customer service.

Cosentino Group’s underlying philosophy of ‘Duty of Care’ extends to, and recognises, the importance of our environment and the potential adverse impact our activities have on our environment.

The guiding principles of our environmental stewardship and sustainability of our activities are:

       Adoption of a recognised ‘best practice’ environmental management system framework;

       Ensuring our activities comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations;

       Assessment of all our business activities and establishment of measurement and
        monitoring processes and outcomes to reduce their environmental impact;

       Adoption of waste management practices to minimise waste through reuse and recycling,
        appropriate disposal and pollution prevention measures;

       Maintaining an environmental awareness with all stakeholders through continuing
        education and training;

       Striving for continual improvement in respect to all our activities related to environmental

       Committing resources to maintaining our environmental stewardship.

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